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  • Introduction

    Founded in 2008, AFTAB IMEN PARTO Consulting Engineering Company (AIPCECO) is backed by more than ten years of experiences and works in different projects in the fields of Modern safety management, risk & HSE management. The main management core of the company was oriented from Sharif University of technology which has brought up pioneers of this branch of science and introduced them to industry. Up to now, more than 150 projects were carried out in the following categories: Hazard Identification and analysis, safety engineering, consequence modeling, risk assessment and HSE management. New activities in iron and packing industry have defined recently to extend AIPCECO scope of work. As a leading company, it is always put effort into projects to carry them out with high precision, on time and at highest qualitative level with usage of modern and specialized soft ware’s. Consultancy activities and close communication with involved industrial parties, has brought AIPCECO a significant chance to play its role in decreasing process hazards, financial and humanitarian losses in industry.

  • Experiences

    AFTAB IMEN PARTO Consulting Engineering Company (AIPCECO) is one of the most famous and a pioneer company in offering consultancy services in the field of safety engineering and HSE management and has always put his effort to apply the innovative and the newest methods and updated information to perform the projects. Execution of more than 120 projects of HAZOP and HAZID, 25 SIL projects, 25 consequence modeling projects and several HSE management project in more than 240 process and non-process units has made AIPCECO a distinct company regarding its unique capabilities, talents and experiences. Execution of several Hazard identification projects which come as follows indicates the capabilities of the company.
    -     Iran refineries Such as Tehran, BandarAbbas, Tabriz, Isfahan, Lavan, Shiraz, Arak & Qeshm
    -   Projects of arak petrochemicals, Khorasan, Razi, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mobin, Tondgooyan, Mamasani, Fajr2, Kermanshah, Fasa, Pardis, Buali Sina, Lordegan, Dehdasht, Zanjan, Broujen, Damavand, Mehr Petrokimia
    -    The contractor of safety engineering of phases 15 & 16 ( Offshore section) , Khesht oil field, consultant and supervisor in the field of safety engineering and HSE in EPC projects of Pasargad oil company
    -    Performing more than 25 consequence modeling projects

  • Scope

    A group of managers and high talented experts who had deep belief in team work activities has established AFTAB IMEN PARTO Consulting Engineering Company (AIPCECO) to fulfill the vision to become the largest and most creditable consulting company in the field of Safety Engineering . AIPCECO has done his best in recent years, to offer services in the fields of hazard identification and analysis, safety engineering (such as fire alert system design and firefighting), consequence modeling, Risk assessment and HSE management in different industrial segments. The services have always been performed at top quality, reasonable cost and in a timely manner.
    Regarding Oil, gas and petrochemical industry, the company has carried out several projects in many process units including Onshore, Offshore, Upstream and Downstream sections in different phases such as basic design, detailed design and operation. In the above said projects, AIPCECO acted as Project manager, main contractor, consultant, technical supervisor and project assistant.

  • knowledge spread

    AFTAB IMEN PARTO Consulting Engineering Company (AIPCECO) has done his best to act as knowledge – oriented company to exchange his experiences with the client experts and specialists involving in a project. Transmission of such experiences motivates the involving parties in the project to participate in discussions more effectively .The performance of the project has a high impact on expert’s scientific level promotion and functions as an applied training course. AIPCECO is pleased with these experiences exchanges and to complete it, has arranged to establish different training courses in the fields of HSE, Safety engineering, Risk Management, establishment of HSE management system, and other topics including Protection against fire, and modern fire fighting systems. Technical consultancy services in the above said fields can be offered.

  • Clients

    AIPCECO is pleased to have had corporation with more than 80 clients in different fields of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals. Technical and engineering services are always offered to the clients in private sector or public companies based on project performance in high precision, at reasonable cost and in a timely manner to meet the client’s needs.

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